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Combining the mesmerising view of Sapanca Lake with a panoramic viewpoint and a privileged service approach, Cabir Deluxe Hotel will add a completely different understanding to your holiday with Lotus SPA Centre.

Sapanca's New 5-Star Hotel Will Change Your Understanding of Comfort

As Cabir Deluxe Hotel Sapanca, we follow the technology closely with the awareness of continuous improvement in the rapidly developing and changing hotel sector, and protect the environment and natural life we live in. We prioritize food safety and work to keep guest satisfaction at the highest level with our trained staff. We represent our region in the best way with our planned, systematic and friendly service.

As all Cabir-Group employees, we adopt a guest-oriented approach in order to produce fast and effective solutions in line with the needs of our guests, to provide the best service and to meet their expectations at the highest level.

We are honored to welcome you, our esteemed guests, with 10 different room types that are carefully decorated.

Let Your Body and Soul Rest

To meet the expectations of our guests with the highest level of facilities by preserving our values with the awareness of being the only and pioneering business in our region in our category.

To always prioritize the satisfaction of our guests without compromising our understanding of superior quality service. To continuously improve the capabilities of our team.

Our Customer Relations Policy

Guest satisfaction from the services we provide in line with our mission, vision and understanding of quality has great importance to us. As Cabir-Group, we continue to improve our institutions and processes, and carry out comprehensive studies in order to provide the best service to our guests.

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